Vertically integrated plastics processing solutions for medical devices

Providing the right process for your medical device

Diagnostic Devices

Diagnostic testing systems, diagnostic imaging, diabetes testing, blood collection systems, lab testing, fluid separation devices ...and more

Surgical Devices

IV sets & components, ablation devices, trocars, harmonic scalpels, syringes, seals, silicone extruded tubing, valves, catheters ...and more

Therapeutic Devices

Metering devices, insulin delivery systems, dialysis components, drug delivery pumps, pharmaceutical dispensing, remote monitoring systems, ocular implants ...and more

Orthopedic Products & Devices

Orthopedic implants (hips, knees, spine), surgical instruments for hip/knee replacement ...and more


your medical device

the right process



Implantable Components and Devices

Rigorous quality systems; cross linking, annealing, machining and packaging. See More...

MDA – Medical Device Assemblies

Finished Class I, II, and III Devices

Cell design, automation, assembly, testing, packaging, sterilization, distribution and logistics. See More...

Advanced Processing

Complex Features for Sophisticated Devices

Overmolding, 2 shot molding, blow molding, medical extrusion, blow-fill-seal, and elastomeric processing. See More...

Technical Molding

Components for Devices

Scientific molding, in-house mold making and globalized manufacturing. See More...