Vertically integrated plastics processing solutions for medical devices


Medical device OEMs looking to find a processing solution for their finished medical devices and components can rely on MedPlast as a single source supplier.

By offering advanced engineering services such as design for manufacturability and prototyping at the early stages of development, MedPlast supports OEMs in assessing the success of a new product before designs are finalized.

With experience in a vast array of plastics processing technologies and finished goods manufacturing, MedPlast can offer insights into the optimal technical solution for designing and manufacturing a new product. Cell design, single piece flow, in-process testing, automation, and packaging are just some of the skill sets available.

MedPlast’s fleet of plastics processing equipment and strategically located facilities enables OEMs to choose a manufacturing solution that best fits their needs.

To bring a finished medical device from design to market, MedPlast can offer a complete solution. Integrated capabilities provide the technical solution, program management in the form of MedPlast Central® provides the new product launch solution. Under the umbrella of a robust supply chain and logistics team, MedPlast delivers your device to market.