Vertically integrated plastics processing solutions for medical devices

Global footprint

MedPlast is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, and has ten ISO 13485-certified facilities in North America, Asia and Europe which operate under a single, global quality management system.

Located near key healthcare markets, the facilities are close to our customers. Whether collaborating on product design or coordinating sterilization and shipping, MedPlast will provide a local solution to your plastics processing requirements.

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MedPlast Chicopee – Chicopee, MA

MedPlast China – Suzhou, China Campus

MedPlast Elkhorn – Elkhorn, WI

MedPlast Fremont – Fremont, CA

MedPlast Monticello – Monticello, IA

MedPlast Tempe – Tempe, AZ

MedPlast Tijuana – Tijuana, Mexico

MedPlast West Berlin – West Berlin, NJ

MedPlast Westfield – Westfield, PA

Orthoplastics – Bacup, UK